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Why RTD and the USPS Are in Hot Water Over Health Care


Juan Williams at Fox News outlines President Barack Obama’s situation going into his big speech tonight to Congress, something that many pundits see as a last-ditch effort to draw out support for comprehensive health care reform.

If the president “wants to survive this summer of political drama over health care,” Williams writes, “he will have to do an Indiana Jones exit from the temple of his doom as poll numbers are collapsing around him and newly energized political opponents go in for the ‘kill’ as they smell his blood in the water.”


And there’s “kill” everywhere, even among public servants in Colorado. Investigators are now looking into complaints that an RTD bus and U.S. Postal Service vehicle were acting as political partisans in their display of posters that read “health care can’t wait” during Louisville’s Labor Day Parade. The drivers are in hot water, according to Boulder’s Daily Camera. But that’s just the latest sideshow in the health care reform circus, as ideas are bandied about prior to the president’s address.

One Associated Press story, for example, claims that Americans could face fines up to $3,800 for failing to buy health insurance. Meanwhile, The New York Times points out that nothing is concrete at a time when conventional wisdom says that Obama’s plan to remake the health care system, cut costs, and help the uninsured is near death. And Congresswoman Diana DeGette, a Denver Democrat, writes in The Denver Post that some people are “forced to choose between groceries and health care.”

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