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Why You Won’t Be Renewing Your Driver’s License Today


If you’ve been counting down the end of a long holiday weekend in order to renew that expired license, don’t rush out to the nearest Division of Motor Vehicles branch just yet. The cash-strapped state of Colorado is forcing about half its 29,000 employees to take an unpaid vacation day today to save some money. So you’re out of luck if you wanted a tour of the Capitol or a driver’s license.

And while state parks, campgrounds, and marinas will be open, nobody will be manning the visitor centers, according to 7News. More so-called “furlough” days are planned in coming months—on October 9, November 27, and December 31—an effort to save the state $13.6 million, according to Governor Bill Ritter.


“We’re continuing to tighten our belt, make sacrifices, and find more efficient and effective ways to serve the people and businesses of Colorado,” Ritter says in a statement (via the Fort Collins Coloradoan).

While state law doesn’t allow the governor to be furloughed, he will return four days of pay, or $1,250, to the state treasury. The furloughs seem to be a drop in the bucket, though, as the state seeks to slash about $320 million from the budget, making for tough choices everywhere. One proposal would cut the workforce at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s DNA lab, which would leave the state’s detectives with fewer resources to catch the worst crooks, reports the Aurora Sentinel.

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