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Who Hacked the Web Sites of Two Boulder Synagogues?


Web developer Jeff Finkelstein, of Customer Paradigm, spent time fixing Web sites for two synagogues in Boulder after they were defaced by a hacker using the name “Waja (Adi Noor).” Messages left on the Bonai Shalom Web site said, “Jews are terrorists. Child Organ Smugglers” and “Jews are terrorists Organization,” (via 7News). One posting also used an expletive to disparage Jews and Israel. The Web site for the Boulder Rabbinic Council was also hacked, leaving Finkelstein to scour data to try and track down the hacker, as he assembles a report that will be forwarded to the Anti-Defamation League, which could work with the FBI to investigate the attack, Finkelstein tells The Denver Post.

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