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Business Leaders Lobby Michael Bennet to Kill So-Called “Card Check” Legislation


When it comes to the controversial federal “card check” legislation supported by many labor unions and opposed by many business leaders, The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein calls it like he sees it: Despite positive comments from Vice President Joe Biden, Congress is “not going to get card check done. They don’t have the votes.”

Still the political climate remains charged enough that 27 business leaders from Colorado traveled to Washington, D.C., to tell the state’s senators to do what they can to kill the “Employee Free Choice Act,” which would replace unionizing via secret-ballot elections with a form on which employees can check their preference to unionize or not.


They were joined by card-check opponents from around the nation, who swarmed Washington this week, writes the Washington Examiner.

Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry leaders focused special attention on Michael Bennet, the Democratic senator who is facing election this year and who remains uncommitted on the legislation, reports the Denver Business Journal.

“We can’t let elected officials think we’ve forgotten about this,” Tom Flanagan, division president of Citywide Banks and CACI’s chairman tells The Denver Post. “Our whole mission is to see if we can kill this. We’re not interested in compromising.”

Bennet and CACI have not found common ground on the issue, but both sides describe their meeting as productive.

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