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Trade Lunchtime Boredom for Dim Sum at Star Kitchen


Week in, week out, I get tired of eating sandwiches and salads for lunch. So when boredom hits, I head to Star Kitchen for a taste bud reawakening.

This lauded Chinese restaurant in southwest Denver serves dim sum all day, every day—and the carts piled with eats never stop coming.


Play it safe with the savory, pork-stuffed siu mai (open-faced dumplings), lollipop-like fried shrimp ball on a sugarcane skewer, and sweet, baked barbecue pork buns. Or, get a little more adventurous and try the beef tripe with turnip, congee (rice porridge) with seafood, or the spicy tendon.

Either way, with more than 65 dim sum options, I never leave hungry—and I always leave inspired.

2917 W. Mississippi Ave., 303-936-0089

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