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Is Michael Bennet Going Negative?


Voters have three weeks to fill out their ballots for the primaries, and the Democrats appear to be getting dirty, including U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, who recently received the endorsement of The Denver Post.

Bennet’s primary competitor, former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, who has been endorsed by Bill Clinton, charges that Bennet’s campaign “sent out an e-mail just on Sunday calling me disingenuous, irresponsible, and deceptive without a shred of evidence, and that’s pathetic” (via CBS4).


The Bennet camp’s beef is with Romanoff’s TV ad, the one that states, “taking more campaign cash from big oil, Bennet (pictured left) votes to let them take billions in tax breaks.”

While the Bennet campaign has promised to stay positive, a new ad is expected to chide Romanoff for claiming he isn’t taking special-interest money, according to Fox 31, which writes that while Romanoff’s ad “was a shot across the bow, Bennet’s rejoinder is the equivalent of a nuclear attack, aimed at leveling his opponent in one fell swoop.”

As political analyst Eric Sondermann points out, Bennet has much more money to spend than Romanoff, and “with one advertising track, he can go warm and fuzzy standing in a mountain meadow, sincerely and earnestly asking for the viewer’s vote.

“With a separate but simultaneous track, he can run a heavy-duty attack ad directly right, undercutting his opponent’s central message and the very underpinnings of his candidacy.”

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