Generally speaking, chicken is usually best barbecued, fried, or folded into enchiladas. But for those who think the ingredient makes a poor pizza topping, we urge you to try the Il David at Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria. This Governor’s Park restaurant took up residence in the old Sparrow space last August, and it’s been pulling this artisanal pie (and nine others) from the brick-lined ovens ever since. Order it and you’ll be rewarded with a thin, olive oil-brushed crust covered in three cheeses, hunks of tender, herb-grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, long-roasted garlic cloves, jammy oven-dried tomatoes, and sweet Peppadew peppers. The rustic combo is simple but memorable—and it will surely put to rest any doubts you’ve had about having chicken atop your pizza.

Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria, 410 E. Seventh Ave., 303-861-9463