The It Factor for Denver: Although some items from Michael Kors’ spring collection (linen blazers, leather skirts, a white trench coat) can do double duty as city and/or work wear, the real beauty of this line lies in the relaxed pieces. Look for a refined, button-down khaki dress with a full skirt that just grazes the ankle; a gray sweatshirt paired with beaded, slouchy gold trousers; or an all-white ensemble (yes, white is the color for next season) of a beautifully cut, transparent linen jacket and skirt.

The Gist of It: Kors goes on vacation this season, outfitting his models in a collection that’s easygoing but simultaneously luxurious and chic. He pares his more tailored pieces down to luxe-casual basics and vice versa, taking the preciousness out of the more formal fabrics. For example, a sheer-white gauze T-shirt is paired with a side-slit linen skirt or a slouchy linen pant—either way, both are cinched with a crocodile belt; a crisp white blouse and a green ruffled skirt look fresh together; and a beige linen jacket is belted at the waist and paired back to a metallic lace skirt. Rounding out the collection is a series of super-sexy asymmetrical-hem jersey knit dresses, and a canary yellow off-the-shoulder shift is the standout.

Look for It At: Nordstrom, 2810 E. First Ave., 720-746-2424 or click here for the nearest location.