Shortly after learning that Sugar Lips, my favorite mobile doughnut shop, is headed to Copper Mountain for the winter, I discovered that Gastro Cart is also temporarily closing up shop. Sigh.

While I can’t blame Mike Winston and Elliot Jones for not wanting to battle the cold-weather months, downtowners will miss the cart. Since rolling out the gourmet street-eats concept at 18th and Curtis streets a little more than a year ago, Gastro Cart has become a go-to for inventive, satisfying lunches, such as roast lamb gyros on naan with bread-and-butter quinoa and specials like chili on a stick.

Winston assures the closure is temporary. In the meantime, he’ll likely pick up some shifts under Troy Guard at TAG, while Jones is headed to Solera to work alongside chef-owner Goose Sorensen. As Winston says, “It should be fun; it’ll be nice to put food on plates again!”