Yesterday, when the wintry winds began blowing and the sleet started falling, I wanted nothing more than a cozy bowl of green chile. But because the weather was so dreadful, I wasn’t willing to venture far, which meant that Jack-n-Grill, Santiago’s, and even La Fiesta were out.

Instead, I ran a half block to Dixons Downtown Grill for their reliable offering. Back at my desk, I ripped off hunks of warm tortilla and began dipping into the bowl. I like Dixons’ version for its texture—big hunks of chile and pork can be found with a spoon—and although it’s not terribly spicy, it has enough heat to warm me from the inside out. The best bites are those with a tangle of melted cheddar and hints of the pico de gallo that comes on top. Dixons considers its pork-green chile an appetizer, but I think it’s hearty enough to make a meal.

1610 16th St., 303-573-6100