Opus Restaurant, 2575 W. Main St., Littleton, 303-703-6787, opusdine.com When Opus executive chef Sean McGaughey was dreaming up his spring menu, he considered doing a vegetable terrine, but then decided against it. By nature, terrines, which have to gel and set up, are finicky and often not worth the effort. But the idea kept nagging at him, so he got cooking. To put his spin on the dish—McGaughey’s food has deep French influences, thanks to time spent in Cannes—he channeled the barigoule, a traditional Provençal dish of stewed artichokes in white wine. The final effect is a stained glass–like slice of braised artichokes, fennel, carrots, and leeks suspended in white wine gelatin. For a true taste of spring, take a forkful, sweep it through the garlic aïoli, and pair it with a bite of soft-boiled egg. The crispy artichoke fritter is simply a bonus.