More often than not, the bagel and cream cheese breakfast is quick but forgettable. Not so at the Crushery, which touts New York-style bagels that are boiled and baked daily. While the bagels are ridiculously large, they’re requisitely chewy and dense. But what really makes this Platt Park cafe’s offerings so memorable is the cream cheese. Yep, order a tub or two and discover what I mean.

Most spots flavor their spreads by mixing or whipping in the fixings (veggies, honey, strawberry, etc.) for a homogenous blend. The Crushery, however, leaves the mixing to the customer. Each tub comes with fresh add-ins that are stacked to perfection. Layer one: goodies such as crumbled bacon and chopped scallions, capers and shallots, or honey and almonds. Layer two: slab of cream cheese. Layer three: more of the selected goods. Consider it cream cheese stratification.

1579 S. Pearl St., 303-733-4117