After a couple helpings of Thanksgiving leftovers, I want a meal that’s as far from turkey and stuffing as possible.

Enter Okinawa, a sushi restaurant that opened on the corner of Colfax Avenue and York Street almost a year ago. I’ve both dined in and taken out, and I’m always pleased with the fresh styling of the sushi bar. Nigiri shows up as ribbons of fish draped over tightly packed rice and rolls are creative without—usually—getting wonky. The exception is the golden roll, an ill-conceived combination of salmon, mango, and cilantro, dressed in a sauce that tastes like too-sweet mango purée. Much more successful are the angel roll (shrimp tempura, papaya, asparagus tempura, spicy tuna, and avocado wrapped in soybean paper) and the sunomono salad with a rainbow assortment of fresh and firm seafood.

2310 E. Colfax Ave., 303-322-8886