At the 1932 world series, Babe Ruth pointed to a center-field bleacher before hitting a home run to that exact spot—and a ball from that series (signed by Ruth and Lou Gehrig) just happens to be housed right here in Denver, at B’s Ballpark Museum in LoDo.

Baseball’s all-American allure pervades the two-room tribute to the most renowned stadiums in history: Ebbets Field, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, and Fenway Park. Each section of the museum contains artifacts such as turnstiles and uniforms, and die-hard fans will recognize relics like the drain cover from the old Yankee Stadium, over which Mickey Mantle tripped and injured himself.

Curator Bruce “B” Hellerstein wanted to transport visitors back to the good ol’ days of America’s pastime, when players spent their careers on one team.

Our Rockies are baseball history newbies, but B’s shows its local pride with relics from the city’s original club, the Denver Bears, including a section of bench seats—the only remaining piece of Bears Stadium.