As a woman, cufflinks aren’t something I think about. Honestly, they seem unecessary; buttons were invented for a reason. But a few weeks ago, I found myself searching around Etsy (read: procrastinating), and I stumbled upon a charming take on the traditional male accessory.

Denver-based Ryan Young (aka the Crimson King) is a former graphic designer who decided to start his own crafting business. While he also makes earrings (light sabers, anyone?), necklaces, and pendants, it’s the cufflinks that caught my eye. Using old LEGOs, Scrabble tiles, broken watch parts, and other reclaimed pieces, he creates unique accessories that let a guy show some personality with his plain black suit. My favorites are the LEGO Darth Vader silver-toned pair (pictured above), but Young’s got something for every taste (see below). They range in price from $8 to $25.

Tip: Want a specific LEGO on your cufflink? Going for a particular style with your earrings? Tell Young and he’ll do his best to customize your order.