Rant: Broncos’ Manning Mania

Talk about taking Peyton Manning’s decision to sign with the Denver Broncos badly. Jim Driver, a 78-year-old from Eagle, showed his disapproval by dying—really. Well, maybe not, but it makes for a good story. This is from a real obituary that appeared in the Columbia Daily Tribune: “An avid Broncos fan, [Driver] abhorred Manning and evidently wanted out before a deal was done.” —Robert Sanchez

Rave: Springtime in the Mile High City

As winters go, this one has been pretty tame. That doesn’t mean that I’m not ready to put away sweaters, pull out summer dresses, and relish in the mani-pedi season (in fact, I’m getting a polish today). My favorite part of spring, though, is taking daily walks in my neighborhood to watch the bulbs push out of the ground and tree blossoms burst. Take a look. —Natasha Gardner

Bonus: Don’t have flowers in your yard yet? Search for a sunny, southern exposure to find spring’s earliest blooms.