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Water Logged

Colorado has a thorny relationship with water. University of Colorado Boulder professor Patricia Limerick explores that interplay in A Ditch in Time: The City, the West, and Water. Three fun facts we learned from the book:

1 – Coloradans have been advocating water conservation for close to a century. Sentiments long ago are strikingly similar to today’s mantras, like this streetcar ad from May 1936: “Water is Denver’s Greatest Natural Asset. Please Don’t Waste It.”

2 – When it was built in 1905, the Cheesman Dam was considered the highest dam in the world—at 221 feet. Today, that honor goes to the Nurek Dam in Tajikistan, which stands at 984 feet.

3 – In June 1962, the entire town of Dillon was relocated directly south to its current location to make room for the Dillon Reservoir and to avoid possible flooding from the reservoir’s creation.

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