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Beer Lesson: Embarrassing Beers


No matter which of the 2,700 beers you try at the Great American Beer Festival, rest assured that your taste buds will be in for one hell of a ride. GABF is a three-day symphony: earthy tones will harmonize with floral flavors, spicy hops will mix with subtle fruits, velvety bodies will dance with layered malts.

Delicious, sure, but a weekend of appreciating fine art and music can be exhausting. Sometimes you’d rather put on a “Call Me Maybe” than a Tchaikovsky masterpiece. The same goes for beer. We’ve all got our favorites go-tos that may be slightly embarrassing to show to our craft-beer friends.


Geoff Van Dyke, Deputy Editor

What: Pabst Blue Ribbon When: After a couple of Dale’s, Avery IPAs or Odell Reds. Why? Grab it on sale when it is $18 for a 30-pack (to ensure you’re never in danger of running out).

Natasha Gardner, Senior Editor/Digital Editor

What: Red Stripe When: In the middle of winter when it’s especially cold outside. Why: It’s like a Jamaican vacation in a bottle, but it hard to say if the brew is good or if I’m just nostalgic for the Caribbean.

Lindsey B. Koehler, Features Editor


What: Heineken When: At creepy little dive bars. Why: It’s skunky and tastes a little like old socks, but a bottle of it is perfect when you are at a place where you don’t trust what’s coming out of the tap.

Lindsey R. McKissick, Editorial Assistant

What: Coors Banquet When: Sporting events, especially Rockies games. Why: It is better than most light beer options.

Chris Outcalt, Assistant Editor

What: Genesee Cream Ale When: The need for a cheap yellow beer arises. Why: It is a hometown favorite back in upstate New York.


Jeff Panis, Systems Administrator

What: Bud Light Lime When: Summertime. Why: Because the wife drinks it.

Sean Parsons, Art & Photo Assistant

What: PBR When: Summertime, but not with guests over. Why: Beer is beer, right?

Daliah Singer, Assistant Editor


What: Keystone Light When: Looking for cheap beer at the store. Why: College was only three years ago!

Those are the beers we like to drink when no one’s looking.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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