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  • New Look

    Denver’s barbershops get a modern makeover.


    In the age of artisan trades (we’re looking at you, bow-tied barista and suspendered bartender), getting a haircut is no longer a purely functional endeavor. It’s about an experience, too—especially in Denver, home of Floyd’s 99, a rock ’n’ roll–themed barbershop that has added dozens of locations nationwide since launching in downtown in 2001. Capitalizing on that success, a new batch of tonsorial shops has cropped up around town recently, each with its own carefully crafted aesthetic. These are the new man’s barbershops.
    Semion Barbershop For All
    Location: Golden Triangle
    Vibe: The Cheers of barbershops (albeit an upscale one): a bright, open space with translations of “for all” painted on the wall.
    Who goes: Businessmen, kids, and women
    Standard cut: $20
    Signature move: Inclusivity. Owner Semion Kikirov even left the possessive “s” off the shop’s name to make it feel like it belongs to everyone.
    Wait time: Zero minutes, if you make a reservation. Otherwise, you’re looking at 10 to 20 minutes.

    Proper BarberShop
    Location: Berkeley
    Vibe: Rockabilly meets Mad Men in this tiny sepia-toned nod to the
    barbershops of yesteryear. It sounds weird, but it works.
    Who goes: Everyone from janitors to CEOs
    Standard cut: $25
    Signature move: A vintage Playboy to pass the time.
    Wait time: You need an appointment. Or walk in and hope someone cancels.

    Ollie’s Barber Shop
    Location: Highland
    Vibe: Despite the stuffed deer head on the wall, this microscopic shop (just three chairs) feels more heavy metal than ironic indie, what with Black Sabbath blasting over the speakers.
    Who goes: LoHi locals, passers-by, and anyone unafraid of neck tattoos (seeing, not receiving)
    Standard cut: $20
    Signature move: No hippies allowed. It says so on the front door.
    Wait time: Fifteen to 30 minutes if all the chairs are full.

    Al’s Barber Shop
    Location: LoDo
    Vibe: A swank, chic retreat
    for men. Think exposed brick, hardwood floors, and a lot of stainless steel. We’d almost call it a salon. Almost.
    Who goes: Well-heeled businessmen and the occasional woman
    Standard cut: $38
    Signature move: Female barbers? Check.
    Wait time: Make a reservation and still be prepared to wait a few minutes.

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