Since the United States lifted its ban on absinthe—a green-colored spirit once thought to induce hallucinations—six years ago, the “green fairy” has trickled onto local menus. But it recently showed up in an unlikely spot: the Wazee Supper Club. General manager Shannon Baker hails from New Orleans, where the spirit has a dubious history. Baker added four absinthes—including one from Leopold Bros.—and two cocktails to the Wazee’s lineup. Order the spirit in the traditional French fashion: slowly dripped over a sugar cube on a slotted spoon. Or sip the Dixie, a cocktail combining absinthe with orange liqueur, orange juice, and fresh lemon. 1600 15th St., 303-623-9518,

*** Exclusive: Learn to make The Dixie, an absinthe-based cocktail, at home.

Mix It: Wazee Supper Club’s The Dixie from 5280 on Vimeo.