As a Colorado resident and cyclist for more than two decades, John Berv has seen his fair share of stranded cyclists and mountain bikers out on the Front Range. The frequent sight of punctured air tubes, loose gears, and derailed chains got Berv thinking that there had to be a better way for folks to deal with the inevitable woes of two-wheeling it. It bothered him so much that he ended up putting together a makeshift kit with all the basics he thought every rider would need, such as patch kits, gear cables, and replacement links. That first aggregation of basic cycling tools was the onset of the Hero Kit, a all-in-one kit for cyclists. “I put the right things together in a kit and that was the idea that started it all,” Berv says. “What surprised me is that there doesn’t seem to be anything else quite like it on the market.”

The Hero Kit, which has only been around for a year, has resonated well with cyclists of all kinds and is sold in more than 20 states. It has since evolved into an 11-ounce kit that includes a rain poncho, a water-and-tear-proof manual, and a first aid kit. “It’s basically a way to MacGyver your way out of anything,” says co-founder, Dave Lasky.

Gift it: The Hero Kit can be a great gift or stocking stuffer for the recreationalist, outdoor adventurer, or just about anyone who enjoys riding a bike.