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Taste Test: Mass-Market Beers

Could you tell the difference between Coors Light and PBR? We put our staffers to the test.


Even after reviewing Colorado’s best brews, our beer reviewers sometimes just want a cold can without the hype. But which mass-market beer do we reach for? Everyone had an opinion about that and, being the journalist that I am, I had to question them: Do you really prefer Miller to Bud? Or Coors to Pabst Blue Ribbon?

So, we set up a blind tasting for 5280 editorial staff and put their tastebuds to the test. Bud Light won, but PBR was a close second. The one thing we agreed on? Coors Light didn’t compare. To see what the reviewers said, hover over the image.



Bonus: Read a review of Coors Banquet here.

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