Where: Denver Coliseum

What: If the closest you’ve come to the Denver Coliseum is driving past it on I-70, you should buy tickets to tonight’s minor-league hockey game between the Denver Cutthroats and Arizona Sundogs. The Cutthroats are the fifth team to call the aging Denver Coliseum (it was built in 1952) home, but we’re crossing our fingers that this team stays. The games are physical (read: lots and lots of fights), high scoring, and downright affordable with prices starting around $10. We’re going to give the team special points for ingenuity, too. The mascot is named “Gill,” T-shirts are emblazoned with “Go Fish,” and after the second period, fans toss plastic fish at targets on the ice for prizes (that’s what you are listening to). It gives new meaning to the phrase “catch of the day.”

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