There are some mornings when only a breakfast sandwich—with a go-get-em ratio of fat, grease, and carbs—will do. I recently discovered a stand-up version at Atticus, the two-week-old DU cafe from the Table to Tavern crew.

You will, however, need to think of the pork belly biscuit (pictured) as less of a sandwich and more of a composed dish requiring a fork. The flaky but crumbly biscuit is simply no match for the messy sunny-side up egg or the strips of pork belly. But while not ideal for a handheld meal, the flavors are right on: buttery bread, yolky egg, smoky meat, and melty aged cheddar.

Tip: Let the yolk run into the breakfast potatoes, which are expertly cooked (not too starchy) and spiced with paprika.

P.S. If you’re on the run, there are two grab-and-go parking spaces (each zoned for 20 minutes) behind the building. Just don’t try to eat the pork belly biscuit in the car.

1115 E. Evans Ave., 720-459-8273

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