You only need two words to describe Work & Class: simple and fun. The month-old restaurant, which anchors the corner unit of the Gravitas (aka shipping container) development at 2500 Larimer St., is easy to like. It’s a come-as-you-are spot to share drink, break bread, and simply be.

Owners Delores Tronco and Tony Maciag and executive chef Dana Rodriguez have created a one-page menu that’s a lively roster of hearty, shareable items such as peppers five ways (pictured), blue corn empanadas, coriander roasted lamb, and rotisserie chicken. The slow-cooked meats—which are ordered by the quarter-, half-, and full pound—arrive in mini tin pie plates. The menu suggests ordering the chickpea croquettes as a side to the goat. I say get the golden-crusted gems, which give way to a soft custard-like interior, no matter what. Depending on the size of your party, you might want to request a double portion.

Tip: Take your server’s advice when ordering the peppers five ways. It might seem counterintuitive to begin with the spiciest item (the bacon-wrapped jalapeños) and work backwards. But follow directions (jalapeños, Fresno poppers, grilled shishitos, mixed peppers, and pepper jam), and you’ll happily end on the heat-tempering white toast and sweet pepper jam.

2500 Larimer St., 303-292-0700

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—Photo by Rachel Nobrega