One of the many reasons we love Colorado: It’s perfectly acceptable to celebrate a successful workout with a pint of cold craft beer. This summer, join like-minded joggers for the newly-launched Rocky Mountain Brew Runs (RMBR). Each event in the 5k series revolves around a different Colorado microbrewery. The courses are unofficial (read: streets won’t be shut down, so you may have to wait at a street light or two), and designed to “foster a sense of social running in Colorado,” says RMBR spokesperson Lauren Jones. Although the races aren’t competitive, there will be bibs and a time-log for those who are interested. Regardless of performance, there’s a pint of craft beer waiting for participants after the finish line.

Although it’s not the first to marry beer and running, the RMBR series has another perk: a brewery passport. There are 10 runs in total, thus 10 breweries, and if you sign up for more than five (they are $25 each) you’re automatically a passport holder. Each page has a different brewery, and helps joggers keep track of where they’ve been and what they’ve sampled. The idea is to expose participants to new places, people, and beer, says Jones: “It’s like a mini running party with friends.”

The first of the 5k series is at Odell Brewing (pictured) in Fort Collins on April 13 at 10 a.m. Enjoy one of their many sudsy offerings on tap, and stop by the food truck out front for some post-run fuel.