It’s not just policy makers, government officials, and city planners that have a say in the future of Denver. So does every one of us who calls this city home.

One Day On Earth, a project in which participants around the globe document a 24-hour period on film, is asking each of us to act on that responsibility during One Day In Denver. (The Mile High City is one of 11 metro areas chosen for this inaugural campaign.) On Saturday, April 26, professional filmmakers, aspiring ones, and even people who have never been behind a camera before will investigate the answers to 10 questions about the future of Denver. (What do you hope for your city in the next 20 years? Why are you in your city?) Choose one question or choose them all. Film interviews or take the prompt as inspiration for something more artistic. The choice is yours. The resulting submissions (uploaded to the event website) will be included in a geo-tagged archive and, eventually, used in a TV series about the future of American cities.

What story are you going to tell?