The Challenge:

To find the ultimate picnic that feels celebratory without breaking the bank. For that, I turned to Maryczyk Fine Foods, a gourmet neighborhood market with two locations. Bonus: The selected items transport easily.

The Goods:

1. Parisian Sandwich (French ham with Belletoile Brie on a buttered house-made baguette)

Ham, cheese, and butter—need we say more?

Price $6.99

2. Cornichons

The richness of the sandwich demands something tangy. Hint: Try putting a couple of these crunchy pickles inside the sandwich.

Price: $7.99/pound.

3. Honey Tangerines

They don’t look like much from the outside, but these late-season citrus fruits offer a sweet and refreshing burst of flavor.

Price: $.99/lb

4. Whoopie Pie

Cakey chocolate cookies stuck together with a swirl of creamy frosting—this is a treat that brings a smile to any face.

Price: $3.49

5. Backyard Soda Co. Lemon Rosemary Artisanal Beverage Syrup

Spiked or simply stirred into soda water, this Denver-based mixer imparts a punch of lemon and rosemary. If you’re trying to lighten your picnic load, add a few ounces to a thermos and leave the bottle at home. Bring soda water with you.

Price: $13.99

Grand Total: $25.73

Bonus: Tiamo prosecco

For a twist on a mimosa, try mixing Backyard Soda Co.’s lemon-rosemary syrup into this bubbly.

Price: $5.99 each

This is part one of a series. Check back tomorrow for the perfect picnic from Trader Joe’s.