Last week, en route to pick up my CSA at the Cherry Creek Fresh Market, I came across the Keenwah, Co food truck. I didn’t recognize the logo and, although I didn’t immediately put the name together (it’s the phonetic spelling of “quinoa”), I stepped up to the window. It quickly became clear that the ancient grainlike seed was the basis of the menu. Keenwah, Co, which launched mid-June, is owned by former Denver attorney Elizabeth McDermott. In tandem with managing chef Sheila Sackett, McDermott peddles a breakfast scramble, a yogurt-and-peaches bowl, and five entrées that can be ordered as wraps or salads—all starring red quinoa.

I ordered two dishes: the protein scramble with quinoa, eggs, and avocado topped with spicy pico de gallo and roasted chile sauce; and the Thai wrap, which enfolded the superfood with spinach, zucchini, roasted sweet potatoes, and mushrooms in a rich coconut–green curry into a tortilla.

Both dishes were excellent and filling, though I favored the Thai wrap simply because I’m a sucker for anything curry. Watch for the truck to make its way around the markets and Civic Center Eats. (Follow Keenwah, Co’s whereabouts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.)

Bonus: Keenwah, Co sprouts its quinoa to make the food even healthier and more easily digestible.

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