Flying Trapeze

The Gist: Cirque du Soleil–like trapeze exercises that build mid-air confidence
Ideal For: Divers, gymnasts, and skiers/snowboarders
The Pro: Gold medalist pole-vaulter and Coloradan Pat Manson
What You’ll Do: Swing on a bar 30 feet in the air and drop onto the safety net below; knee hangs; partner catches; and double backflips into the net
Benefits: Improves upper body and ab strength
Try It: Imperial Flyers, prices vary,


The Gist: Balancing on a two-inch-wide piece of webbing slung between trees or posts more than a foot off the ground
Ideal For: Skiers/snowboarders, water skiers, and ice skaters
The Pro: Olympic gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn (who lives in Vail)
What You’ll Do: Drop-knee lunges; 180-degree turns; planks; and push-ups
Benefits: Challenges balance and coordination, which also improve core strength
Try It: Progresh, $15–$55,; Rock’n & Jam’n, $15,


The Gist: Rapidly moving through and negotiating obstacles in an urban area (usually) by running, jumping, scrambling, and rolling
Ideal ForClimbers and anyone looking for a full-body workout
The Pro: World Cup rock climber and Boulder resident Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou
What You’ll Do: Crawl through a tunnel; run up walls; and back-dive into a foam pit
Benefits: Develops agility, reflexes, and strength while teaching you how to minimize injury from falls
Try It: Apex Movement, $10–$20,