From the cloudless sky, the land around Fort Morgan looks like a geometer’s dream: squares of wheat, rectangles of corn, and circles of yellow-green grass. It’s from this vantage point—in a six-seat Cessna 206, 1,500 feet in the air—that Evan Anderman shoots his impressive landscape photographs. “All the marks you see are something that’s been done [by man],” Anderman says. “The farmers are the artists. I just take pictures of it.” A Princeton University–trained geologist, the 50-year-old Denver native first picked up a camera in 2005. His stark images of cattle at a water trough or a farmer’s path through wheat fields present a perspective on the land few would otherwise ever get to see. View Anderman’s work in person during Imposition at the Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery in RiNo through October 18. Exclusive: Click through the slideshow above for a sneak preview of images.