It’s become trite to complain about “information overload,” but there’s some truth in every cliché, and the reality is all the gadgets we’ve surrounded ourselves with can be incredibly anxiety-producing. That’s why mindfulness classes—which encourage participants to be “in the moment” and more aware of their emotions than the chirps of their iPhones—are experiencing a boom in Denver. The Mayu Sanctuary (pictured) in Platt Park, which offers drop-in meditation sessions Monday through Saturday, is so busy customers are clamoring for a second location. Even health clubs and other venues have begun offering services that focus on slowing down our speedy lives, with Tai Chi classes (Cherry Creek Athletic Club) and yoga sessions incorporating mindfulness and meditation (University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center). It may sound a bit hippie-dippie, but these adult time-outs can be effective. An hourlong midday meditation break at Pura Vida in Cherry Creek North, for example, lulls even novices into an almost trancelike state void of the frazzled mind’s many distractions. The result: A more calm and centered you can return to the office ready to tackle that overflowing inbox.