Last month, Christo—the infamous artist behind the still-tied-up-in-legal-proceedings “Over the River” public art installation planned for the Arkansas River—visited Colorado to give a few lectures and take a leisurely rafting trip down Bighorn Sheep Canyon where his two-week art project will (eventually) be displayed. I was lucky enough to be invited on the excursion with the artist and his team, but a stomach bug kept me at home. Luckily, they were willing to share a few photos and a short clip from that bluebird day. (Click through the slideshow above.)

“Over the River” has been cleared for construction by the Federal Government, Colorado State Parks, the Bureau of Land Management, and Fremont County (where most of the project will be installed). But the Bulgarian artist—who started the project with his now-deceased wife Jeanne-Claude—is still waiting for legal decisions regarding “challenges filed against the state and federal governments for permits.”