It might seem out of place at a ramen shop, but tiramisu is Tokio chef and owner Miki Hashimoto’s favorite after-dinner sweet; he couldn’t leave it off the menu. At his seven-month-old downtown eatery, pastry chef Moeko Shibuya created a Japanese take on the dessert that replaces the traditional coffee flavor with a refreshing hit of green tea. Both the sponge cake and the mascarpone are infused with green tea liqueur and tea that is imported from an esteemed factory in Shizuoka in southern Japan (where Hashimoto is from). The result: bites of airy, not-too-sweet cake that will satisfy your dessert craving and cleanse your palate. Make sure to ask for two forks. 2907 Huron St., Unit 103, 720-639-2911,