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  • Elitch Theatre’s Lost Treasures

    Recent construction at the Historic Elitch Theatre uncovered relics from the past.


    When the last actor stepped off the Historic Elitch Theatre stage in 1991, the 100-year-old institution’s future stood in limbo. But in 2013, city, county, and private benefactors raised $530,000 for improvements to help push the landmark into its second act as a functional theater. (Shows begin in August.) During the construction, workers unearthed a few artifacts from the theater’s past.

    1911 Theater Program (pictured, above)
    One hundred and four years ago, Ben Johnson starred in The Witching Hour, a play about a man who uses his telepathic abilities to control a murder trial. During the June 25 performance, one patron tucked a program inside the bannister of a high-price suite.

    1937 Ticket Stubs
    In the same bannister as the 1911 program, workers found hand-torn tickets from 1937. Since tickets to all of the season’s shows looked the same, we don’t know which performance (or performances) the tickets were for: Reflected Glory, Boy Meets Girl, Both Your Houses, or Winterset.

    1940s Letter
    Trapped in the wall of a first-floor dressing room, a letter from an actress to her mother in Pittsburgh details—in neat, green handwriting—the hardships of performing during a sweltering summer in Denver and a show that “did go so well.”

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