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—Aaron Colussi

Summer Menu: All-Out Veg Harvest

Delight your veggie friends and surprise your more carnivorous ones with this vegetarian menu that’s way more than just salad.

5280 Summer GuideThis plant-based meal is perfect for your veg-loving friends. It’s also hearty enough to satisfy the meat-eaters.


Grape pistachio and goat cheese truffles


Quinoa salad* (from Osteria Marco, page 84)

Tomato-pepper gazpacho (from the Kitchen)


Six-layer vegetarian lasagna* (from Basta page 50)


Dump cake


Hemingway Daiquiri

Note: Dishes marked with an * can be found in 5280: The Cookbook, our collection of recipes from Denver and Boulder’s best restaurants. Pick up a copy, or substitute with similar dishes found from other resources.

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