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—Aaron Colussi

Summer Menu: Fancy Night at Home

Come on, you deserve it. Treat yourself and your friends to this five-star meal straight from your own kitchen.

5280 Summer GuideAs an elegant affair with friends, or intimate dinner for two, this meal will dazzle your diners, and leave you feeling like a cooking wizard. Best of all, it’s fancy, but not overly fussy.


Fried risotto balls


Warm-weather peas* (from the Squeaky Bean, page 108)


Burrata agnolotti with garden tomato-basil sauce* (from Bittersweet, page 66)


Deconstructed peach cobbler


Mint Julep

Note: Dishes marked with an * can be found in 5280: The Cookbook, our collection of recipes from Denver and Boulder’s best restaurants. Pick up the book, or substitute with similar dishes found from other resources.

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