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A glimpse of Mindy Kaling’s Hollywood office, where Sandy The Ice Cream Sandwich feels right at home. —Photo by Domino Magazine

A Boulder Company Makes Giant Pizza Pillows (And More)

Bring the whimsy home with Kidrobot's hip food-inspired accessories.


Finally, kids can play with their dinners without getting in trouble with Dad, thanks to Boulder-based Kidrobot’s Yummy World collection of make-you-smile pillows and accessories. Your tyke can lounge on a googly-eyed doughnut, pull squeezable french fries out of their soft container for a “sword” fight, or store pencils and pens in Franky, a hot-dog-shaped case.


But these aren’t just novelty gifts for kids. While the line is focused on younger consumers, adults can play too. In a design era devoted to unexpected mixings of styles, little else is as surprising as a 16-inch plush taco pillow on the sofa. (Hollywood comedian and author Mindy Kaling popped a Sandy The Ice Cream Sandwich pillow on a red slipper chair in her office, at right.) And hipsters, although there’s no plush Sriracha bottle yet, you can settle for second best: a cheeky sushi pillow. “We create something unexpected,” says Allen Richardson, Kidrobot’s vice president of product and marketing. “Whether it’s eyes on a large plush taco or a smile on a doughnut, we’re always striving to delight”—with a line that blends whimsy and style.

Prices range from $5 to $50, depending on size—from keychain and mini vinyl versions to extra-large plush pillows. Look for holiday-themed characters to appear later this year; the ornament-size candy cane may be just the entrée you need
into this quirky line. As for us, we’re crossing our fingers for a couch potato.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Kidrobot

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