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Documentary on the West’s Water Crisis Premieres Thursday

What would happen if the Colorado River—currently supplying 40 million Americans with water—ran dry?

An investigative documentary about the Colorado River’s crippling drought will premiere on the Discovery Channel this Thursday night. Killing the Colorado, which is presented by ProPublica and based on reporter Abrahm Lustgarten’s award-winning series of the same title, argues that the American West’s water crisis is entirely manmade and offers solutions for dealing with this crisis.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Colorado State University senior research scientist Brad Udall are featured in the documentary to discuss the West’s heavy reliance on the Colorado River, and how our state can set an example of how to overcome the drought. In an exclusive clip released by IndieWire, Hickenlooper says, “[The Colorado River] supplies either some or all of the water for about one out of 10 Americans, and the fact that there’s not enough of it—and there never will be enough of it—that creates divisive conflict.”

To learn more about the drought that some call “The Godzilla of all wake-up calls,” tune in on Thursday night.

Watch it: “Killing The Colorado” premieres Thursday, August 4, at 7 p.m. MT on the Discovery Channel, Discovery On Demand,, and Discovery Go.

(Read about Colorado’s first statewide water plan.)

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