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Minimalism and Craftsmanship Reign At Yore

Swoon-worthy home goods make the new Longmont shop worth the drive.

Visiting Yore is a bit like scrolling through your most stylish friend’s Instagram feed. Every vignette in the Longmont home-decor destination is perfectly edited and bathed in natural light; nothing feels cluttered or out of place. For co-owners Ryan and Savannah Johnson, who moved to Colorado after several years of working for national chain Urban Outfitters, the clean, pared-down look points to a larger mission. “One of the driving forces [for opening the store], besides owning our own business, was our experience in the corporate retail setting, where we didn’t like the waste we saw,” Ryan says. The name Yore, he adds, refers to a bygone era when things were made to last, the antithesis of our throwaway culture. The shop stocks everything from the ultrapractical (lint rollers and staplers) to the ultrabeautiful (handthrown ceramics and shibori-dyed pillows). But everything must pass Ryan and Savannah’s three-part test: good design, purposeful, and responsibly made. Of course, that sometimes means sticker shock ($54 for Japanese stainless steel scissors?!). But mainly it makes us want to swear off all things disposable and start embracing the “less is more” lifestyle. 381 Main St., Longmont, 720-340-3381

On Our Shopping List:

1) Conway Electric Extension Outlets, $59–$95

2) Two Hands Full Ceramic Planter Pots, $45–$65

3. Brass Misting Watering Can, $25

4. Mon Petit Zoreol Bags, $14–$18

—Photos courtesy of Yore

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