Coy Webb, co-owner of Rosedale’s eight-month-old City & Country Deli & Sausage Company, learned the art of pickling from his grandmother. But Grandma couldn’t possibly have imagined the creative condiments—Smoky Cracked Bourbon Mustard, Pickled Hell Fire veggies, Hoppy IPA pickles—that now share space in Webb’s deli with smoked meats, from-scratch sausages, and well-crafted sandwiches. “Pickling is a way of preserving the harvest that I’m afraid is being lost,” Webb says, “so we pickle vegetables and make our own mustards to carry on those traditions, keeping in mind that our products also need to be current.”

Case in point: Webb’s banh mi pickles. Rice wine vinegar and mirin give golden beets, daikon, and carrots a welcome tang, and togarashi, a Japanese spice blend, brings the heat. Webb suggests making a vinaigrette with the briny pickle juice and adding the pickles to sandwiches or rice noodle salads. (We won’t tell anyone if you eat them straight from the jar, though.) 2393 S. Downing St., 720-216-0573,