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Colorado Trail House
Leadville's Colorado Trail House. Photograph courtesy of Victor Leung

Three Budget-Friendly Hotels in Colorado

Budget travelers rejoice: Cheap has become chic in some of Colorado’s most enticing vacation spots.

Located just off of Leadville’s Main Street, rooms at the Colorado Trail House (above) range from $50 to $80 per night. The year-old inn also boasts a shared kitchen and year-round hot tub.

Mancos Inn & Hostel
Mancos Inn & Hostel. Photograph courtesy of Sarah Allen

At the recently remodeled Mancos Inn & Hostel, shared spaces start at just $30, providing an economical base camp for adventures in and around Mesa Verde. Housed in one of the town’s original 1894 buildings, the historic inn sits less than a block from Mancos’ clutch of charming art galleries and shops.

Bunkhouse in Minturn. Photograph courtesy of Townsend Bessent

You no longer have to give up your firstborn to score a room near Vail, thanks to the year-old Bunkhouse in Minturn. As little as $50 reserves a bed at the hostel, which also offers a free shuttle to Vail and Beaver Creek during ski season.

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