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Maca Peacan Smoothie
Build your maca-pecan smoothie with lower-sugar pumpkin (instead of banana) for just $.50 extra. Image via iStock

Fuel Up With Wonder Press’ Maca-Pecan Smoothie

You don’t have to choose between healthy and delicious at this Boulder cafe.

It would be easy to write off two-year-old Wonder Press as yet another haven for health-obsessed Boulderites. The sunny cafe specializes in cold-pressed juices, nutrition-packed smoothies, and light vegan fare (avocado toast, chia pudding, overnight oats). And the Lycra-clad patrons are all as radiant and fit as you’d expect. But what makes this spot worth a visit for mere 5K-running mortals is an attention to flavor that’s more in line with fine dining than with a hippie juice bar. Take the exceptionally rich, better-than-ice-cream maca-pecan smoothie, made with Peruvian superfood maca, house-made nut milk, banana, dates, vanilla, and fresh nutmeg. Sure, it’s the sort of ridiculously good-for-you meal in a glass that could fuel an ultramarathoner—but it’s also simply delicious as a pick-me-up after a strenuous summer day of shopping on the Pearl Street Mall. 946 Pearl St., Boulder, 720-484-4927

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