Food Lover’s Book Club is a bimonthly discussion of a cookbook or food-related book led by award-winning food writer Amanda M. Faison. The free gathering takes place at the Ross-Cherry Creek Library.

Peach pie, peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach jam…there’s nothing quite like this summer fruit. And in Colorado, peaches call to mind just one place: the Western Slope. The telltale hot days and cool nights render our peaches undeniably sweet and perfect for baking with or simply eating out of hand. On Wednesday, August 9 at 6 p.m., join Denver baker extraordinaire Jayne Yelich of Sweet Jayne’s, peach expert Jeni Nagle of Hotchkiss’ Ela Family Farms, and Amanda M. Faison, the former food editor of 5280 Magazine, for a delicious discussion. The chosen book, The Perfect Peach: Recipes and Stories From The Masumoto Family Farm, by Marcy Masumoto provides an inside look at an organic peach farm through the family’s recipes. Bonus: samples!

305 Milwaukee St., 720-865-0120