You may have heard this terrifying yet true statistic: 40 percent of all food produced in this country goes uneaten. It’s no secret that food waste is a big issue. Months ago, we reported on FoodMaven’s innovative approach to tackling the squandered food problem. The Colorado Springs-based startup is a for-profit company that intercepts and sells oversupplied food on a digital wholesale platform to restaurants, hospitals, and institutional facilities (think assisted living centers). It’s a step in the right direction to fixing our inefficient and inherently wasteful food system.

Now, FoodMaven is poised for big things: Walter Robb, former Whole Foods Market co-CEO, has joined the board and made a significant investment. Currently only operating in Denver and Colorado Springs, FoodMaven plans, with Robb’s help, to expand nationally within the next year. “Walter Robb was presented with a tremendous number of opportunities. I am humbled and honored that FoodMaven is the first thing he committed to after the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods,” says FoodMaven co-founder Patrick Bultema.

What does this mean for food waste reduction? A lot. Since the start of 2017, FoodMaven has diverted more than 800,000 pounds of food from Colorado landfills while proving that its concept is not only virtuous, but potentially profitable on a large scale. “FoodMaven is going straight at the growing challenge of food waste and has created an imaginative and innovative market-based approach to using more of what we produce,” Robb said in a press release. “I am excited to join with Patrick and team to help with this effort and grow the company.”