If a book club doesn’t involve any reading, is it still a book club? Author Sharon Glassman would argue yes. In 2013, the Longmont resident created the Lazy Person’s Book Club, in which she and a few local musicians and actors performed a chapter of her quirky romance audio book, Blame It On Hoboken (there is no print version). “We weren’t reading the book word for word,” Glassman says. “It was more like an old-time radio play”—original songs included. This past fall, she launched another way to experience her novel: the Book Club Wine. Anyone who purchases a bottle of Snowy Peaks Winery’s Oso Rosé—$21 at the Estes Park tasting room or on Snowy Peaks’ website—can scan a QR code to listen to Blame It On Hoboken. Glassman’s just-finished second book, The Girl Who Gets Her Hair Cut (about a grad student who uncovers a life-changing mystery while working at a small-town beauty salon) should be available via the Book Club Wine in the near future. Or catch the first live performance February 9 at Snowy Peaks: We suggest ordering vino and chocolates to transform the night into an early Valentine’s Day date. Because you can get away with being lazy with your reading list—but not with your significant other.