Partner Steve Redzikowski has handed over the reins at five-year-old Acorn to executive chef Ian Palazzola, who is continuing Redzikowski’s legacy by transforming beautiful ingredients into fight-over-the-last-bite small plates and large protein-centric dishes. Palazzola dazzles diners with unexpected touches and textures: warm naan alongside a nutty panang vegetable curry chock-full of Colorado peas, favas, and broccoli spigarello, say, or ethereal pork rinds, flavored with sour cream and onions when it’s cold outside and served with a rich almond muhammara when it’s not. Barman and partner Bryan Dayton elicits the same pleasure with his cocktail program, and servers move with grace through the perpetually packed restaurant, never leaving so much as a water or wine glass unattended. $$, The Source, 3350 Brighton Blvd., 720-542-3721