Festival-goers meander through the grounds of Overland Park. Photo by Victoria Carodine
Local artists Abram Aleo and Anna Charney (left), and Anthony Garcia Sr. (right) show off their street art during Grandoozy. Photo by Angela Ufheil
The sun sets on the Break Room, an open-space area designated for dancing. Photo by Victoria Carodine
Grandoozy’s street art came alive thanks to Denver artists Hollis + Lana (Conor Hollis and Amorette Lana). Photo by Victoria Carodine
Festival goers take a break outside Grandoozy’s 80s Ski Lodge. Photo by Victoria Carodine
During her set, Florence Welch spoke of spreading love and kindness to one another. She twirled across the stage and reached out to the crowd as if she was embracing the love she advocated for. Photo by Victoria Carodine
Stevie Wonder performs on the final night of Grandoozy to raucous crowd at Overland Park. Photo by Jay Bouchard
Arts and Crafts, a craft beer experience, served up local brews all weekend. Photo by Angela Ufheil
A festival-goer dances outside the Break Room. Photo by Victoria Carodine