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What Scents Remind You of Being Home for the Holidays?

We asked readers to weigh in on social media.

Few things are more nostalgia-inducing than a scent that reminds you of home. Proof: the 200-plus social media responses* we received when we asked Coloradans what the Centennial State smells like during the holidays. The results? Here’s a quick whiff.

Pine and…

“Pine and cranberries and baked goods!” —@foodandfun103
“Pine trees, snow, and wool.” —@brittanybe
“Pine and whiskey and embers.” —@rcrosw8
“Wood fire, s’mores, and pine.” —@emorth
“Like the pine trees in our backyard and pot roast in the oven.” —@aleena_burke
“Pine and winter blankets!” —@shan_leigh

Other trees

“Evergreen & balsam!” —@akunk9
“Fresh-cut fir.”  —@kerr_patty

Other nature

“Sage from the mountains in summer and the smell of snow on the wind before a front moved in during the winter.” —@colorado_jane
“Bright sunshine and clean.” —@VsSecret
“Damp leaves and crisp, fresh air.” —@cowntess

Food- and drink-related

“Independently malted, brewed & fermented barley.” —@radcraftbeer
“Bourbon and chocolate.” —@ryanhannigan
“Strong coffee, my Aunt Bonnie’s whiskey pecan pie, and smoked ham.” —@Eric_Chiappetta
“Green chile and bizcochitos.” —@matman_batman
“Spiced wine.” —@emalzie
“Hopefully freshly cooked elk backstrap.” —@borch303
“Menudo.” —@bgg556
“Baked fruit crisps.” —@kiri_morken


“Obviously cannabis.” —@packNpuff


“Ski wax.” —@jacob_helleckson


“It’s the smell of sweaty ski socks, crockpot meals, and competing Yankee Candles.” —@TaraBoertzel
“Fresh-brewed coffee and the smell of the snow when you first walk outside.” —@NesstheMess94
“Wet soil, leaves, with a hint of pines.” —@nadiai11
“Like the kitchen of baked goods from a Lifetime holiday movie.” —@bobbie_jo303
“Vanilla and coziness.” —@vasundhara_
“Spruce and rye.” —@mandakc
“Wassail and wet dog.” —@gogatekim
“The inside of a small, hidden on-the-mountain ski bar—the smell of stale Coors Light, sweat, and cheap pizza.” —@paige_gallaher


“Horrible air quality akin to stinky cheese. #native” —@AmyDoeNut
“Manure right before it snows.” —@rmriches
“Honestly that dust smell when you turn on your heater in the car after it sits for a while.” —@rockymthorrorshow
“Forest Pine (as do the bathrooms at DIA).” —@parimod1
“Texans.” —@the_van_gundy_team


“Candy corns and dreams.” —@justsayallo

*Responses were edited for spelling, grammar, and house style.

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