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A Simple Guide to Denver’s 2019 Mayoral Election

Denver’s Mayoral Candidates on the Issues: Housing

Yes, Denver’s real estate market isn’t as red-hot as it once was, but increases in housing prices in recent years have left renters, owners, sellers, and buyers reeling.


Lisa Calderón: “I’m extremely concerned that we are entering a new form of redlining in the city. Through government policies and corporate interests, the city is basically pushing the ‘undesirables’ out to the outskirts of the city—or even outside of the city….I want to make sure that our working-class folks are able to live and work in this city.”

Stephan “Chairman Seku” Evans: “You got to make a dent in poverty….You got to build housing for poor folks that they own. That way they have an asset to pass on to their children that they own, the equity of the home to give it to their child.”

Jamie Giellis: “What I think Denveright does is basically say neighborhoods must accommodate density. They must accommodate change. And I don’t think that’s OK….We have to have a diversity of neighborhoods, and each neighborhood can provide something a little bit different. And we protect that and we preserve that because that’s what makes us special.”

Michael B. Hancock: “We were acknowledging on the heels of the recession, we need to begin to address affordable housing in Denver….[We made] a $300 million commitment to affordable housing. That’s larger than the entire state of Colorado.”

Kalyn Rose Heffernan: “I would like to see affordable housing prioritized to under 20 percent of the average median income and [to use] the vacant space and space that we have. That’s been my priority in this campaign. We could solve these things with what we have. There’s enough vacant apartments, luxury apartments, right now to house all of Colorado’s homeless population.”

Penfield Tate III: “I have long said, even in my days in the legislature, that there are some non-negotiables in life: food, water, shelter. And shelter is the housing part of that. [The current] administration hasn’t gotten it right….We don’t have nearly enough affordable housing in Denver.”

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